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Robert G. Veligdan, DMD, PC

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[We hope you are all safe and healthy and able to keep in good spirits during this challenging time]

We have made major changes to keep patients and staff as safe as possible. In addition to our usual strict adherence to infection prevention policies and protocol, we have chosen to go above and beyond CDC and OSHA directives.

 When scheduling we will be asking health screen questions and giving guidelines.  We ask patients to bring a mask and gloves and will supply them for you if needed.  Preregistration, health questionnaire and medical history, will be processed remotely by email or text to minimize your wait time and touching forms.  Treatment fees will be settled before treatment is done:  This and other methods will significantly decrease office interaction for your safety.

At the front desk we have a Plexiglas shield to protect you during receptionist interaction.

The day of your appointment we will again ask you some health questions and review guidelines. In addition we will take your temperature and oxygen saturation reading.  Our waiting will no longer have magazines and brochures as these are difficult to disinfect properly.   We will be misting [ultra-fine spray in the air] the waiting area and operatory with a powerful but very safe disinfectant.

We have employed touchless devices throughout the office, including hand sanitizer that we will ask you to use.  

Of course we will have physical distancing, one patient at a time in the office and longer times between patients so we can better clean and disinfect.  Understanding economic hardships, we will have increased financing options. 

In the treatment room, all personnel will be wearing complete PPE protection as mandated by the CDC.   We have a new high volume suction system that collects the majority of harmful aerosols.  Air mister to spray disinfection before and after each patient.     Exhaust fans to pull harmful air away from our patients. Medical-grade air purifiers with HEPA filters and UV disinfection.   Disposable plastic covering on all places that can possibly be touched.  Controlled air flow away from our patients.

The health and safety of our patients and staff are of utmost importance to us.

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Robert G. Veligdan, DMD, is a nationally recognized general and restorative dentist that embodies a Holistic approach to treatment. He has specialized in minimally invasive care and in creating beautiful smiles for over 39 years in Manhattan, New York City. His list of accomplishment rivals the number of happy patients he’s helped over the years. Becoming the first dentist worldwide to perfect porcelain laminate veneers is one of the many crowning achievements in his dentistry career.

Now commonplace, in the 1980s, the use of porcelain laminate veneers was considered a radical dental treatment because it was entirely new and it was a conservative alternative to full crowns. Dr. Veligdan is one of the first dentists to have perfected the technique and help develop the cement used to bond veneers to teeth. He introduced Porcelain Veneers to a national audience as part of a Smile Makeover on the ABC TV program "Good Morning America."

The first video explaining the techniques for porcelain laminate veneers was written, directed, and produced by Dr. Veligdan. It's been shown to hundreds of dentists by Columbia University’s School of Dental and Oral Surgery Continuing Education Department, where he has served as a clinical professor for over 20 years.

Dr. Veligdan’s journey started at a young age when his passion for dentistry first blossomed. In 1975, he graduated from University of Pittsburgh School of Dental and Oral Surgery. This achievement marked the beginning of his outstanding career in cosmetic dentistry. Over the decades, he’s made several appearances on CBS, FOX, CNN, and CNBC, and has been featured in GQ magazine.

Helping restore beautiful smiles to the people of New York City has been an incredible experience for him and his wife, Rosa, a world renowned concert pianist. Because of his expertise, passion, and devotion to implementing the latest trends in cosmetic surgery, it’s easy to make Dr. Veligdan your first choice for any cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Veligdan is ready to help you gain confidence with customized treatment plans. Call or book your appointment online to get started today.

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Why Choose Dr. Veligdan as your Dentist?

✔ He's a highly decorated professional that uses minimal invasiveness through a Holistic approach to dental health.

✔ He is one of the first dentists that stopped using mercury fillings in 1979 and has for many years used an approved an 8-step protocol for removing these fillings safely.

✔ His commitment is to always search for and use the safest and least toxic way to achieve the goals of modern dentistry and whole-body healthcare.

✔ In addition to his 4 decades or experience in private practice, Dr. Veligdan was a Clinical Professor of Dentistry at Columbia Dental school for 24 years and worked on staff at Presbyterian Hospital in the Columbia University Medical Center for 19 years.

Excellence in Patient Satisfaction

Excellence in Patient Satisfaction

Awards & Recognitions

Learn more about Dr. Veligdan's awards and recognitions by visiting our Awards & Recognitions page!
About Dr. Veligdan

About Dr. Veligdan

Privacy Promo

  • Comfort is a top priority in our cosmetic dentistry office, and Dr. Veligdan goes to great lengths to make his patients feel at home. We treat every patient like family and provide attentive care throughout every visit to our office. It is important to us that you are healthy after your procedure and satisfied with your service. For this reason, we make sure to call and check on your progress as well as make sure you are comfortable following your dental procedure. We encourage our patients to call us back at any time to discuss their recovery and the results of their procedure or treatment.

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To schedule an appointment, please call our office. Our staff will be available to answer your questions and to accommodate your needs.


Insurances Accepted

Dr. Veligdan participates with Cigna DPPO, Cigna Radius, and Delta Premier Plan. Our practice accepts partial payment for major PPO insurance plans. Note: Copays are due at the time of service

Cigna DPPO
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Words from our patients

  • "Honest, professional and caring dentist. He always looks out for the patient's best interest and doesn't sacrifice quality because of time constraints."

  • "Over the many years I have been a patient of Dr. Veligdan's, I have been impressed by his painstaking care and professional competence."

    Barbara B.
  • "I've been a patient of Dr. Veligdan's since 1998. He is truly a fantastic dentist - one of the best... if not the best in NYC."

    Joe R.
  • "Dr. Veligdan is simply the kindest, most highly skilled, brilliant dentist you could ever hope to come by. He is a pioneer in his field."

    Judith B.
  • "I was very impressed by the caring attitude of Dr. Veligdan and his knowledge. He and his entire staff made my visit comfortable."

    Sirje M.
  • "Dr. Veligdan is a fantastic dentist. Fixed mistakes from other dentists and I have a great smile now."

  • "In my life there is no doctor more qualified than Dr. Veligdan in his field. He is simply the finest. I will continue to refer patients to him..."

    Cliff H.
  • "As a patient of his for over 25 years I would like to be on record as saying he is by far the best in his profession. He is personable, reliable, and comforting..."

    Verified Patients
  • "Dr. Veligdan is, himself, a jewel among dentists. Precise, meticulous and perfectionist skill. Find out for yourself how extraordinary he is!"

    Ditta S.
  • "He has saved or restored crucial molars for me, applied beautiful and strong veneers, and enhanced my gum health."

    James L.
  • "Dr. Veligdan is not only a gifted dentist, but even more importantly - a wonderful human being!"

    Natali K.
  • "Thank you for taking the time to explain everything to me. With the insight you gave me I will be better equipped to make a decision about my teeth."

    Sherry F.
  • "Thank you for your careful attention and empathy. I look forward to more gentle encounters."

    Hazel L.
  • "Thank goodness I was referred to Dr. Veligdan. His work is excellent; and he is so very nice. I am grateful."

    Carole F.
  • "Dr. Veligdan is the finest dentist - incredibly bright, caring, thorough, and he has the best touch."

  • "Dr. Veligdan is a wonderful dentist who specializes in customer care. Every birthday, visit, holiday, he makes sure to contact his patients to wish them the very best."

    Chinue F.
  • "I was looking for a holistic dental practice and I absolutely got this but also I now have a place where I feel treated not just like a patient but like a person too."

  • "Procedure well done by highly skilled practitioner. Fully recommend this dentist."

    David S.
  • "Talk about a miracle dentist and got me in immediately! He not only explained the true nature of the problem, but walked me through in detail."

    Mia N.


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