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Sleep Apnea Specialist

Robert G. Veligdan, DMD, PC

Cosmetic & General Dentist located in Columbus Circle, Midtown West, Hell's Kitchen, New York, NY

Twenty percent of Americans are living with sleep apnea, a breathing disorder that wears down your teeth and causes chronic jaw pain when untreated. Dr. Robert G. Veligdan, a top-rated cosmetic dentist in Manhattan, New York City, provides treatment to protect your teeth from jaw clenching and grinding. Find the right treatment for your sleep apnea when you book your consultation online or call Dr. Veligdan’s practice today.

Sleep Apnea Q & A

How do dentists diagnose sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common disorder that causes your breathing to pause while you sleep. The pause can last seconds to minutes, and in response, your jaw instinctively clamps shut, which causes you to grind your teeth. Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, tells your brain to wake up so you can breathe again.

Repetitive clamping and grinding can wear down the surface of your teeth.

Additional signs of sleep apnea are:

  • Inflamed, swollen gums
  • Receding gum line
  • Throat redness
  • Chronic snoring
  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth

If you experience any or all of these symptoms, tell Dr. Veligdan during your consultation. The symptoms may point to sleep apnea as well as a decline in your oral health.  

How does teeth grinding affect my oral health?

Due to repeated injury, teeth grinding wears down the surface of your tooth and makes it susceptible to bacteria. As a result, you may need multiple cavities filled in a short period. You may also develop tooth decay or periodontal disease, such as gum disease.

What are my treatment options?

Oral health therapy is the best treatment that prevents further damage to your teeth. It’s a custom-built oral device to protect your teeth, similar to the mouth guards athletes wear during sporting activities. The oral appliance also supports and pushes your jaw forward to maintain airway, preventing your breathing from pausing during the night.

What are the benefits of oral appliance therapy?

The oral appliance is custom-designed to protect your teeth comfortably. As a non-invasive procedure, you put the device into your mouth before you sleep and remove when awake. Your teeth are safeguarded, and you’ll improve the quality of your sleep.

What’s the process of receiving oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea?

Dr. Veligdan takes X-rays and impressions of your teeth to build the oral appliance. When the appliance is ready, he adjusts the fitting to ensure it’s comfortable and will be effective. Then he explains the procedure to keep the appliance clean. At the end of the procedure, he’ll schedule a follow-up visit to ensure the appliance is functioning as expected, which may require additional tweaking of the oral appliance.

Don’t let sleep apnea ruin your night or your beautiful smile. Call Dr. Veligdan or book your appointment online to get his custom-designed treatment plan to get a good night’s sleep, protect your teeth, and reduce jaw pain.