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Periodontal /Gum Disease Specialist

Robert G. Veligdan, DMD, PC

Cosmetic & General Dentist located in Columbus Circle, Midtown West, Hell's Kitchen, New York, NY

Gum disease is a common periodontal condition that causes teeth to fall out or, in the worst case scenario, lead to heart disease. Robert G. Veligdan, DMD, an accomplished cosmetic dentist in Manhattan, New York City, offers periodontics treatments to save your teeth. Book your appointment online or call today for a comprehensive periodontal evaluation.

Periodontal / Gum Disease Q & A

What is periodontics?

Periodontics is the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting teeth, tissues, and gums. Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a bacterial growth that damages tissue in your mouth and beyond.

If left untreated, periodontal disease can cause severe damage to the tooth, resulting in tooth loss. Dr. Veligdan specializes in preventing and treating oral diseases with minimally-invasive, non-surgical techniques. He can diagnose gum disease and related problems.

What are the signs of periodontal disease?

The first sign of periodontal disease is inflammation or bleeding of your gums. The gums appear red or swollen, and they’re prone to bleeding when you brush or floss. If left untreated, the illness can worsen, causing your teeth to loosen or fall out. Periodontal disease can affect more than your teeth; it may cause heart disease when left unchecked.

What are my periodontics treatment options?

To determine the cause of periodontal disease, Dr. Veligdan conducts a periodontal evaluation to identify any symptoms. If you show signs of periodontal disease, he’ll highly recommend that you treat it early before it causes irreparable damage.  

To begin, Dr. Veligdan asks questions about your medical history and may take X-rays of your teeth for an in-depth view. Depending on how far the disease has progressed, Dr. Veligdan may do the following:

  • Deep clean your teeth, tissues, and gum line
  • Remove plaque or tartar
  • Prescribe antibiotics and medications
  • Administer bone or tissue grafts
  • Offer oral health tips and guidance

A non-surgical treatment is root planing and scaling, where Dr. Veligdan scapes plaque from above and below your gum line. He cleans the area and removes bacteria to allow the gums to reattach to your teeth.

Dr. Veligdan’s goal is to save your teeth before the disease strikes. If your teeth and gums are healthy, he offers guidance to keep them in excellent condition. Prevention, after all, is the best treatment.

Don’t let periodontal disease ruin your smile and negatively impact your life. Book your appointment online or call Dr. Veligdan today to get the best care and periodontics treatments to save your teeth.