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General Dentistry Manhattan


Regular checkups with a trusted dental professional can make a tremendous difference in the health and beauty of your smile. Even if you are dedicated to daily flossing and brushing, a dental expert can help you maintain health beyond the surface of your teeth and gums. The general dentistry services of Dr. Robert Veligdan at his Columbus Circle office are designed to keep every aspect of your oral health in outstanding condition, which benefits your overall health. If you need to establish a relationship with a trusted dental health professional or are new to the Manhattan area, contact us about our general dentistry services today.

Our General Dentistry Services


It is important to commit to biannual checkups with Dr. Veligdan to ensure that your teeth and gums remain clean and healthy. Each routine visit to our office includes an oral cancer screening.


Advanced technology has made it easier than ever to detect oral cancer in its earliest stages when you have the best chance of successful treatment. During this examination, Dr. Veligdan will carefully check your mouth and tongue for any signs of cancerous spots or sores. A simple brush test may be administered to check for precancerous cells. Atypical results will be confirmed through a biopsy.


More than 75 percent of cavities begin in the deep grooves on the surface of your teeth. Sealants are thin, plastic coatings that seal these grooves to protect your teeth from decay-causing plaque and acids. These natural-looking barriers protect the vulnerable areas of your teeth that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. During treatment, the sealant material is carefully painted onto your tooth and hardened using a special light. The condition of your sealants will be checked during your regular checkups.


Dr. Veligdan understands that dental emergencies don't always come up during business hours, and he is always ready to help you. If you lose a tooth, crown, or filling, or experience severe pain or sensitivity, you may be having a dental emergency. Making a call to our Manhattan office as soon as possible is essential when dealing with a dental emergency. Dr. Veligdan and his team will do whatever they can to alleviate your discomfort and effectively address the issue.


If you are suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and seek relief, Dr. Veligdan provides a number of treatments to correct the alignment of your jaw. If you grind your teeth during your sleep or experience unexplained headaches or neck and shoulder pain, you may be experiencing TMJ.


Dr. Veligdan is dedicated to providing excellent care to patients of all ages. We suggest that children have their first general dentistry appointment between the ages of 4 and 5. Our Manhattan office will work with your child to teach them the importance of dental hygiene and regular checkups. Our hope is to begin working with young patients early to build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Learn More about General Dentistry

To learn more about how our general dentistry treatments can benefit you, or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today.


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