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Family Dentist Services for Seniors

When you reach advanced age, there are many health concerns that you will face. This is all part of the natural aging process, and thankfully a skilled cosmetic dentist will be able to take care of all of these matters without much worry. This is part of what family dentistry is all about: being able to meet the needs of all patients, no matter their age.

Right now, we'd like to focus on these senior dental health concerns in greater detail.

Dental Health In Advanced Age

Long-term wear and tear and the general effects of the aging process can all have an impact on your smile. That goes for its appearance as well as its health. When a dentist treats an elderly patient, he or she does so with these matters all in mind. Below are just a few concerns regarding dental health for the elderly.

Treating Tooth Decay and Tooth Damage

Tooth decay and tooth damage can both be pretty serious in advanced age. In order to address these matters, the use of dental fillings, inlays, onlays, and dental crowns are all quite common. These restorations will improve strength and stability of the teeth.

Addressing Gum Disease and Gum Recession

Both gum disease and gum recession are common problems over time, and it's important for people to have healthy gums in order to have healthy smiles. There are many different treatment and restoration options to consider which we can go over during your visit.

Tooth Loss and Its Many Treatment Options

Many older patients tend to be missing a tooth or a few teeth. No worries. The use of dental bridges or dentures is a great option for restoring the smile. Some patients may also qualify for dental implants to support these appliances.

Dry Mouth and Why We Take It Seriously

Dry mouth is more than just an inconvenience. It can actually be the sign of a serious health problem as well, such as oral cancer. We'll examine the patient's dry mouth and ensure that any underlying health condition gets diagnosed and treated.

Diagnosing and Remedying Jaw Disorders

Over time, the jaw joint can become misaligned, flawed, or otherwise damaged. This could be due to tooth grinding, an injury, or even arthritis. Our dental health team will strive to address these jaw joint issues so you can chew, speak, and carry on with life as you normally would.

Prevention and Protection

Even in your golden years, cleanings and basic preventative care are essential. That's why we still perform many general dental health services for patients who are older. If we can avoid restorations through basic care, that's much better for our patients' overall wellness.

Other Advanced Care Concerns

So many other dental health concerns exist, which is why we always perform comprehensive examinations during each visit. By identifying potential problems as soon as possible, we can remedy those small problems before they get more difficult to treat.

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