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Mini Dental Implants

Ill-fitting dentures, including both partial and complete dentures, can cause the wearer discomfort and pain. Dentures that do not fit properly can cause sores to develop on the gums. Loose fitting dentures can also make it difficult for a person to chew and talk. Denture adhesives can help secure the dentures in the mouth, but cannot fix problems pertaining to fit. A proper fit is necessary to ensure the stability and security of the dentures within the mouth.


One of the most effective ways in which dentures can be secured today is with mini dental implants. At his cosmetic dentistry practice in Manhattan, Dr. Robert Veligdan strongly recommends mini dental implants to patients that are experiencing difficulty eating and speaking because of loose-fitting dentures. This revolutionary, state-of-the-art dental treatment offers patients a minimally invasive and cost-effective alternative to full-size dental implants.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Also known as denture-retention implants, mini dental implants provide superior support and stabilization for dentures. Although they provide superior stability and security to loose or ill-fitting dentures, mini dental implants may be used anywhere in the mouth. Mini dental implants are tiny titanium posts. These titanium posts are designed to replace the natural roots of missing teeth. Acting as an anchor for the dentures, the top or head of the implant resembles a ball. The ball-shaped head of the implant protrudes from the gum tissue. An “O” shaped ring is inserted into the bottom of the dentures. The O-ring and the top of the mini dental implant acts like a socket. The dentures are secured into place by snapping the O-ring over the ball-shaped top of the mini dental implant. Once snapped into place, the dentures will sit comfortably on the gum tissue.

Preserving the Jaw

One of the most damaging and detrimental effects of wearing removable dentures is the deterioration of the jawbone. The tissue of the gums and the jawbone will deteriorate and shrink over time. Dentures that move or slide around will cause this dangerous process to accelerate. Loose-fitting dentures rub against the gum tissue causing it to break down at a faster rate. A common issue for many denture wearers is slipping and movement of the lower dentures. Through the utilization of mini dental implants, the dentures can be stabilized. Stabilizing the dentures can help preserve the jawbone.

Affordable Dental Implants

The strength, stability, and long-lasting characteristics of mini dental implants make them an excellent dental treatment for many patients. Another advantage of mini dental implants is their affordability. Mini dental implants can be used in a wide variety of cases, but cost thousands of dollars less than full-sized dental implants. Sharing the same benefits of full-sized dental implants, mini dental implants can fit into a larger range of budgets. Mini dental implants offer patients a cost-effective alternative to full-sized dental implants.

Contact Our Implant Dentistry Practice

Mini dental implants can provide strength, stability, and security to dentures. They are an excellent dental treatment for many patients. Patients that are not ideal candidates for full-sized dental implants, including patients that do not have sufficient bone density or those who do not wish to undergo invasive dental surgery, may still benefit from mini dental implants. They are also an excellent option for patients that want the stability and security of full-sized dental implants but do not desire to pay the costs associated with the treatment. If you would like to learn more about mini dental implants, please contact us today.

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